Ski & Board Tunes and Repairs

Skiing and boarding on un-waxed, dull or broken equipment can quickly take the fun out of your trip on slopes. We provide everything from just a hot wax to a full stone grind. We also do custom edging on request. Our staff is able to repair most base and edge damage. Stop by the store to see what we can do for you.

Boot FittingBoot Fitting

"While you can zigzag to a good fit by trying on lots of different brands, you can take a shortcut by working with an expert boot fitter - someone who's trained in biomechanics and knows the nuances of each boot's shape and flex, someone who can put you into a boot that fits snugly but without pain and is tailored to your body type. "

- Excerpt from April 1999 Edition of Inside Track's Magazine featuring Uller’s Staff

We, at Uller’s are committed making sure your boots fit. Our staff will take the time to modify your boots until they fit perfectly and you are completely satisfied. We also provide boot stretching, custom molded footbeds and base plate repairs.




Binding InspectionBinding Mounting and Release Check Inspection

While we can mount most bindings, some types of skis and boards are not compatible with some bindings. We recommend seeking the advice of an expert match ski/board bindings, and boots before making a purchase.

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